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[stickystick] fanfiction master list - our hearts are wild creatures
that's why our ribs are cages
[stickystick] fanfiction master list

Updated; 9/16/14

"All stories are lies. But good stories are lies made from light and fire. And they lift our hearts out of the dust, and out of the grave."― Mike Carey, Lucifer, Vol. 11: Evensong

And I'm Still Waiting For A Life That Never Was: Sam/Brooke. She was there, always

I Still Say Your Worst Side's Your Best Side: Sam/Demon!OFC. Poor son of a bitch, he doesn’t even know, she muses. Apparently, Sam Winchester had made some great escape from the cage, but forgot to pack his entire suitcase.

White Lotus: Sam/Brooke,Dean/Haley. For het_bigbang. When the Winchesters move to Tree Hill, Brooke and Haley's lives are altered. And when Azazel comes for Sam, it'll be the fight of their lives...literally. An AU where Mary lives but the boys are still raised in the hunting life.

The Substitute Thief Job: Eliot Spencer/OFC. Written for tragicgraceful on her birthday. When Parker gets hurt on a job, she calls in a favor with a thief, who isn't exactly coming in to be a thief at all. Cameron and Eliot are thrown together on the next job, and the job involves them to be married. But their pretend relationship is bleeding into their real lives, and that might not be such a bad thing.

The Silver Lining Job: Eliot Spencer/OFC. Substitute Thief Job sequel, written for tragicgraceful on her birthday. Almost three years years after The Substitute Thief Job, Cameron and Eliot are facing the first big bump in their relationship. Will theybe able to handle what lies ahead for them and keep themselves together, or will it all crumble?

Like A Slow Fire Burn: Ian/Mickey. I still wonder how we all ended up like this. Caught in this vicious circle, hurting each other every fucking chance we get. None of us will come out of this with our hearts in tact. IN PROGRESS

I Promise We'll Be So Good: human!Castiel/human!Meg. "This seems like a really bad joke. A fallen angel and an ex demon walk into a bar...I'm waiting for the punchline here, Clarence."She says, turning on the bar stool so that her knee brushes against his.

You Can Breathe Now: Lip/OFC. AU after 3x06. Lip goes to visit Ian and Mickey two years after they ran off to New York, and meets the girl that they're living with. IN PROGRESS

The Art of Falling in Love With a Disaster: Mickey/Ian.
AU in which Mickey fights in an underground fight ring, Ian is a dancer/bartender at The White Swallow, and their worlds around about to collide...IN PROGRESS

Small Town Sinners: Mickey/Ian. Right then, it was enough

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